Kronos Research




Kronos, a leading quantitative research firm, is reshaping the digital asset space by bringing superior investment strategies and trading experience to everyday users. With advanced battle-tested machine learning algorithms, we help clients generate superior risk-adjusted returns regardless of market conditions.

At Kronos Research, you’ll collaborate with motivated and talented people with diverse backgrounds in technology, finance and academia. We work as a team to trade our own capital deployed across a variety of asset classes and strategies using advanced algorithms to uncover hidden patterns from vast reams of data.

With nearly 40 individuals in Taipei and Shanghai, we are continuously seeking out the brightest minds in multiple disciplines who enjoy working together to solve the world’s most complex problems and challenging the status quo. Those who are generous with their time in assisting colleagues, actively seek out more challenges and are open-minded will flourish here. Kronos is committed to fully supporting individuals who are enthusiastic about building a career and life around this ultra-competitive field.

Kronos 是一家領先的量化交易研究公司,透過我們在全球傳統金融市場上數十年的交易經驗來重塑數字資產領域。利用機器學習 (Machine Learning) 和人工智慧 (AI) 於交易和投資策略中,無論市場條件如何,皆能為用戶提供卓越的資產管理服務。

KRONOS 的使命是以區塊鏈友好的方式支持和使用傳統的多策略對沖基金策略。我們期望讓
KRONOS 成為大眾可接受的投資方式以及用來吸引最優秀的分析和交易資產人才的門戶。

我們也希望 KRONOS 最終能突破過去的加密貨幣,打破傳統的投資管理空間,透過一個去中心化的手段來配置資產和管理基金,解決一些行業的核心缺陷。



Kronos leads the evolution in financial technology for fair and efficient digital markets globally. We are entrepreneurs, traders, engineers and scientists collaborating to push forward radical innovations in financial and trading technology. At Kronos, we research and develop advanced trading algorithms using mathematical and machine learning techniques.

Our founders, Mark Pimentel and Jack Tan, are co-founders and active managing partners at Kronos Research. The two CMU alums are involved in daily operations of the company.

Mark, ex Citadel, is primarily focused on developing HFT trading algorithms and providing guidance on the advancement of our trading technology.

Jack leverages relationships with leading investors, partners and technologists to identify and capture trends in the digital asset space. He oversees discretionary and long term trading, business strategy and partnerships.

As the firm's founders, they provide values fundamentals that new generations of talent are building upon.

Kronos Values

1. INTEGRITY- We are here to win and outcompete the right way.

2. OPENNESS- We enjoy thinking from different perspectives, driven by a strong curiosity to understand more. This is our best chance to arrive at fundamental truths.

3. COURAGE- We have the courage to continuously try novel approaches to solving old problems. We reward those who take bold steps and make difficult decisions.

4. URGENCY- We aim to perceive and not tolerate problems. We choose to dedicate our lives to solving the toughest problems with a sense of urgency because there's nothing else we would rather be doing.

5. TEAM- We hire people to share our visions and lives with, not just to fill a job. We value individual talent but collaboration is essential to unleash talent at scale.



✔  Annual leave/paid sick leave/flexible vacation

✔  Competitive salary range

✔  Bonus-based incentive structure dependent on company and individual performance

✔  Flexible working hours

✔  Free lunch, snacks, beverage and fruits

✔  Annual health check

✔  Fun team building activities like movies, sailing, offsite vacations, happy hours.

✔  Diverse and inclusive work environment


✔  優於勞基法的休假制度

✔  具競爭力的薪酬水準

✔  依績效表現有豐厚激勵獎金

✔  彈性工作時間

✔  每日免費午餐、零食吧、飲料櫃、水果

✔  年度健康檢查

✔  豐富有趣的員工活動(聚餐 / 電影包場 / 定期按摩舒壓 / Happy hours...and more)

✔  多元友善的工作環境