我們是快速成長的B2B SaaS新創,從第一天就是以國際市場為出發點,目前主要市場在美國,今年進軍亞洲。



GoFreight 是專門為貨運承攬 (NVOCC) 與物流產業打造的雲端平台,透過工作流程自動化集中所有業務操作與數據,協助國際物流業者將顧客關係管理、行銷、會計、貨運流程與商業分析等資訊數位化,透過一站式管理,直覺式工作流程與絕佳用戶體驗獲得產業好評,亦加速物流產業的數位化轉型。我們將所有資訊集中到雲端,讓貨運承攬業者能隨時隨地輕鬆存取所有資訊。

GoFreight is a cloud-based platform for freight forwarders and NVOCCs to centralize all business operations and data with automated workflows, accelerating the digital evolution in the logistics industry. By connecting everything with the cloud, forwarders can easily access all information, anytime and anywhere. 


Innovation in the freight forwarding industry is long overdue. Current solutions cover a small part of the overall process, leaving forwarders confused and reluctant to invest in digital tools.

GoFreight 提供最先進的技術,透過降低系統複雜度與進入門檻,大幅度地提高工作效率。使用 GoFreight 讓我們的客戶免於繁重的系統維護。我們團隊目前有 60 多人,研發部門的專業成員來自 Mozilla Firefox、TrendMicro、CyberLink 以及 Synology 等軟體科技品牌,擁有遍布全球的多元人才庫,幫助我們簡化流程以實現最高效率。

GoFreight provides state-of-the-art technology that maximizes work efficiency by reducing system complexity and lowering entry barriers. With GoFreight, our customers no longer have to deal with laborious system maintenance. Our development team - composed of professionals who have worked at tech titans like Mozilla Firefox, TrendMicro, CyberLink, and Synology - has streamlined the process for maximum efficiency.

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Trenton Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Sales Director

Sales Director

Falldog Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer


自成立以來 GoFreight 一直保持兩位數的成長,讓我們於 2020 年獲得第一筆種子輪投資。未來,希望成為數位領域的領導者,建立一個完整的物流生態系統,並將資訊聚合集中以挑戰現狀。

Startups and e-commerce players like Amazon are leading the disruptions of the logistics market and transforming the look of logistics as a whole. At GoFreight, we aspire to be one of the front-runners in tomorrow's digital landscape. Our mission is to build an integrated logistics ecosystem, and challenge the status quo by consolidating information into one centralized location. 

GoFreight has enjoyed double-digit growth since its inception. This exponential growth landed us our first VC investment in 2020. Our team of 60 consists of a diverse talent pool with backgrounds extending across the globe.


 - 良好工作環境,扁平組織,透明的公司文化
 - 公司提供筆電及測試機,陪你一起高效工作
 - 有需要可配置二個以上螢幕,讓你效率提升
 - 備有研磨咖啡機與膠囊咖啡機,隨你喝到飽
 - 吃不完的零食、點心與飲料,幫你補充能量
 - 全新裝潢辦公室,激發無限創意,等你參觀
 - 舒適高級的人體工學椅,坐一整天都不疲累
 - 工時彈性,鼓勵有效率處理完公事準時下班
 - 不定期 Happy Hour,聚餐慰勞辛苦的大家
 - 推薦優秀人才進公司,相互交流,也有獎金

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